Haitian Wedding Customs

While the Haitians are starting to adopt different wedding customs, the majority of people in the countryside are still holding on to their ancient wedding tradition.

Everything is different from the preparation to the end. There is no formal invitation, everybody from church members to the community are invited by word of mouth. The wedding day starts with people showering the streets where the bride will walk to the church accompanied with her many bridesmaids. The ceremony itself can last up to 3 hours listening to all the church choirs singing and the pastor’s sermon can last forever.

For the reception, most of the time, tables are arranged only for the couple and their two witnesses and sometimes the bridesmaids.

At the end, as they already know what to expect, plenty of foods are served to everybody, food always cooked by family members. They usually don’t cut the cake till a few days after the wedding. But what really matters after all, they are happy with their tradition and their marriages last always forever.