Love Note: Colleen & J.T.


Dear Emma & Melanie,

We just wanted to thank you both SO MUCH for all your help before & during our wedding!  You two were so professional & organized, but also a lot of fun!! We really enjoyed working with you and really want to thank you for a job VERY WELL DONE!  Your energy, enthusiasm, and organization during our wedding was worth every penny! Thanks again!

Colleen & J.T.

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit!

This is a Christmas picture of the First Coast Weddings and Events team. As Heather had posted below, we all had a fantastic night first attending the Sharon Batten Bridal Fashion Show, followed by dinner at Urban Flats in Ponte Vedra. We were all getting into the Christmas spirit!

The Team

Getting Into Wedding Day Shape

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time for brides. Many brides do not feel like they have the time to take a deep breath let alone to exercise. By dedicating an hour to exercise three to four times a week, a bride could start to decrease her stress levels and feel more energized and invigorated. Tiegh Collins, a personal trainer based out of St. Augustine Florida, has worked with many brides to help them get into shape before their big day. Below is some information he has provided:

There are 3 major components to getting into shape.
1. Nutrition
2. Cardio
3. Resistance Training

Of the 3 major components most people struggle with the most is nutrition. Not surprisingly after doing a little research with friends and family that have recently tied the knot, they agree that nutrition is the hardest part. It seems that brides are having trouble finding time to prepare, fix, and eat meals at appropriate times.

A bride’s nutrition is pivotal. Not only does it play a crucial role in how you look on that perfect day but it also will keep your energy high all day long so that you do not feel tired and stressed out. The biggest mistake that most brides make is how much they eat at each meal. Breakfast needs to be the biggest meal of the day. Not only does it jump start your metabolism in the morning (metabolism is your bodies engine. The faster it is running the more calories burn throughout the day) it will supply you with energy to get the bulk of your work done in the morning. NEVER SKIP THIS MEAL!

If you can master your nutrition you are well on your way to that perfect day.

If you would like to get some more information on nutrition, cardio and resistance training contact Tiegh Collins at TieghCollins.personaltrainer.llc@comcast.net.

Gratuity for Wedding Vendors

Gratuity for all wedding vendors is customary. Many brides wonder what should be the appropriate amount to tip their vendors. Tipping should always be based on the quality of service provided at your wedding. Some vendors will expect tips, and others will not.

David Hanscom, Former President of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers and current President of the North Florida Professional DJ Association offered his insight on this subject. “While gratuity is a hot button topic it is something that frequently gets overlooked.  It has always been customary to pay a gratuity to individuals that work in any service industry.  Vendors in the wedding industry, such as Planners, Disc Jockeys and Musicians all provide a specific service versus a product.  Many times their time and talent are how they measure their value and worth.  Customarily a 15 – 18% gratuity is reasonable when you feel a service provider has gone above and beyond your expectations.”

One of the most valuable signs of your appreciation to your vendors would be to recommend them to others. A thank you card to your vendors is also a nice touch to show your gratitude for their hard work. By incorporating your planned vendor tips into you’re wedding day budget, you will have one less thing to worry about on your big day.

For more information on wedding day gratuity, check out the following web sites:



Emma Wishes She Knew…

From our “I Wish I Knew…” series!

As soon as l got engaged, l was very excited to start planning for my special day. Even though l help to coordinate weddings, you really learn how easy it is to go over your wedding day budget when it is your own wedding. To keep within my budget l cut back on the things that l thought were not as important to me. However, looking back l now wish that l had really thought about it a little more. One of the biggest things that l wish l would have spent a little more money on was my photography package. Since l had a videographer l skimped a little on my photography package and did not get as many pictures as l had wanted. Nearly two years later l now know why people say to spend that little bit extra on your photographs, as a picture lasts a lifetime!