Planning a Bachelorette Party

Last weekend was my sister-in-laws wedding, and it was a beautiful, fun and exciting day.

I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid and also coordinating the Bachelorette party.

I wanted to do something fun but also a bit different to the traditional Bachelorette parties that l had attended in the past. I decided to do some online research to get some fun party ideas. After some intensive research, l decided to order a Tarot Card Reader / Belly Dancer to attend the party. I was a little skeptical of how this would work out, not knowing how entertaining a Tarot Card Reader/ Belly Dancer would be. The company found at this web site: http://www.aleena.com/magi/ was very professional and leading up to the bachelorette party promptly returned any of my phone calls or emails.

On the night of the Bachelorette Party, I decorated the house with some fun items from Party City! Melanie, the Tarot Card Reader/ Belly Dancer arrived right on time. She immediately made everyone in the room feel comfortable and got straight down to business. We all got to have individual readings, which l must say were incredibly accurate. Everyone in the room was buzzing with excitement about their readings. Once the readings were complete, Melanie then gave all of the girls a lesson in Belly Dancing, which was quite a work out!

Melanie stayed for a little over two hours, and l feel like it was money well spent. She fit in with the group of girls splendidly! Everyone who attended the party had so much fun, especially the bride to be!!

Don’t Stress Your Wedding Day Away!

When it comes down to the final weeks before the big day, the last payments are due, family is starting to arrive from out of town, and the final preparations are underway, many brides stress levels start to rise. There are so many emotions going through the bride those final, critical weeks, it is no wonder that some brides can definitely fall over the edge. Luckily there are many ways to subdue that pre wedding day stress, just by following some simple steps:

1. Be organized. Have documentation, preferably an excel file, of all payments that have been made and all payments that still need to be made for the wedding. This way you will easily be able to stick to your wedding day budget, and you will be able to follow the payment progression.

2. Relax and unwind. A couple of weeks before the wedding, book a massage or facial at your local spa. This way you can spend at least one hour pampering yourself and relaxing your mind and body.

3. Exercise. If you are too busy to hit the gym, try taking a 20 minute walk or jog around your neighborhood. This will help you to work out any tensions and frustration you may be feeling.

4. Don’t stress the small stuff! Worrying about how the weather maybe on the wedding day, or how Aunt Sue may react to seeing Uncle Bob, are minute details, that do not need to be fussed over. Relax and take comfort in knowing that your wedding day will be magical, no matter what happens.

An important thing to remember when the wedding day is near by is to ask for help. Family and friends will be there for you, and would probably love to take over any tasks that maybe causing you stress.

Straight To The Heart

Wedding rings hold much symbolism. Not only do wedding rings represent commitment, honor and love, but also the never ending circle is a symbol of peace and perfection.

The hand that the wedding ring is placed on also has a significant meaning.

Dating back to ancient times, the third finger on the left hand was believed to be connected to a special vein, the vein of “love” that went directly to the heart. There is no scientific evidence thus far proving this theory, but this novel idea has lasted through centuries.

King Edward VI of England made a Law during his reign, that the third finger on the left hand would be the designated wedding ring finger. In 1549 this law was sealed when it became printed in the Book of Common Prayer. Even after King Edwards law many European brides still wear their wedding rings on their right hands. Tradition and customs all over the world will differ on which will be the proper placement of the wedding ring.

In the end it is not law or theories but personal beliefs that make the placement of the wedding ring significant and meaningful.

Changing Your Last Name Is Not Always So Easy!

The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller these days, and with how easy traveling abroad has become, it is no wonder that many future brides and grooms are meeting and falling in love over seas. Many engaged couples are living in America under the Green Card status, in hopes to apply for Citizenship some day. If the bride is not an American Citizen, and is living in the United States under a Green Card, changing surnames is not so easy, and involves many steps.

The first step to take once the bride is officially married is to contact immigration and have immigration update the Green Card with the new marital surname (this could take some weeks). Once you have verification from immigration, the bride can then go to the Social Security Office to change the surname under the social security number and then head to the DMV to change surnames on the driver’s license. Once the name change is complete on all important documents, changing surnames on credit cards and bank statements should be a breeze!