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How To Hire a Wedding Photographer

The following article was originally published in our e-newsletter, before we had a blog.  It’s great information – enjoy!

How To Hire a Wedding Photographer
Resources, Questions to Ask and Tips

By Jennifer Brum, Certified Professional Photographer |  phone 904.382.7255

For many brides, the wedding photography is often the most important part of the event. After the music has stopped, the cake has been eaten and the guests are gone, the wedding photos are all that remain of your wonderful day. For that reason, hiring a wedding photographer can be one of the most important and yet, nerve wracking decisions you’ll make.

But, don’t stress! There are many resources available to brides-to-be including local and national professional photographer associations and many experienced, well-trained and professional photographers in Jacksonville. Even your friends that are former brides can be an excellent referral source for you. 

Did you know that there is a local association for professional photographers? The Professional Photographers Society of North Florida (PPSNF) is an organization of photographers committed to helping photographers achieve career success and professionalism through education and networking. They have an excellent website, that includes a complete member listing. Brides can view member websites, preview a gallery of work and contact the ones they would like to meet. 

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20/20 Vision For A Successful Marriage

Rev. Craig Grandstaff of Clergy Wedding Services was nice enough to share these thoughts on having a happy marriage, not just a happy wedding!

  • Express your love in all ways.

  • Hold hands no matter how old you are.

  • Remember your wife is a lady.

  • Do everything you can together.

  • You can lose the battle and win.

  • Complete trust is a must.

  • Share your best ideas.

  • Always agree on the big decisions.

  • Practice real forgiveness.

  • Remember one day at a time.

  • Always talk things out.

  • Never go to bed angry.

  • Clearly define roles.

  • Leave the small stuff behind.

  • Spend time in the moonlight.

Rev. Grandstaff is available to perform wedding ceremonies, including interfaith and non-denominational services.  Visit his website at for more details about his services.

Wedding Photojournalism Q&A

An Interview With Wedding Photojournalist Dan Harris

Tell our readers what Wedding Photojournalism is?

DAN: The dictionary defines photojournalism as telling a story with pictures. Today there are more definitions of wedding photojournalism than there are photographers who truly practice it. Wedding photojournalism started when a bride hired a working newspaper photojournalist to cover her wedding and he did it just like he would any photo assignment using black and white film and unobtrusively documenting what really happened.

How is it different than regular wedding photography?

DAN: ‘Regular’ or traditional wedding photography has always involved lots of direction, posing and control by the photographer. The term Wedding Photojournalism was popularized by the Kennedy family photographer Denis Reggie. He categorizes unadulterated wedding photojournalism as photography that is captured without any control, influence or direction by the photographer.

What has made wedding photojournalism so popular today?

DAN: With so many wedding day plans and pressures many brides prefer their wedding day photography to be unobtrusive, spontaneous and natural. They prefer the photographs of the real moments captured that bring back real memories of what really happened rather than the staged or orchestrated ones.

Doesn’t every wedding photographer today offer wedding photojournalism?

DAN: Because of its popularity when asked if they offer photojournalistic photography most every wedding photographer will say yes. But what they offer may not be the same as what the bride had in mind. There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace and photography style terms abound. i.e.: Classical, Contemporary, Natural, Romantic, Photojournalistic, Documentary, Illustrative, Fashionable, Eclectic, Story-Telling, Dramatic, Artistic, Life-stylistic, Environmental, Fantasy, Fine-art, Elegant, Candid, etc. Any two photographers will use the same term to mean two different things.

How does a bride eliminate the confusion between the different styles and terms?

DAN: The bride really only needs to concern herself with two classifications of photography. 1) the staged type that requires pre-planning, setup and time out of your wedding-day schedule and 2) the type that occurs naturally during the course of your event without any interruption to your event timetable. Your preference in regards to these two classifications will determine how much time will be spent ‘posing for pictures’ (time away from your guests) on your wedding day and the type of photographer you should hire.

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