A Woman Can Never Have Enough Shoes

“Why is it that women are so obsessed with shoes?” This is a question that many men have pondered probably since the 1800’s. Sure it might be a little bit stereotypical. But who cares. Shoes are great. Feet are the one area that stays slim even if the rest of you adds on a few pounds. That could be one reason why women love them so much. Another is that there are so many different styles of shoes. They can make a simple outfit look stunning, and they are just plain pretty. The best occasion for shoe shopping is when it comes to your wedding.

Depending on the location, theme, or style of your wedding. There is a shoe out there for you. Here are some examples of the various routes you can take.



Flats are a great choice if you are having a simple wedding, or especially one on the beach. Sand is never easy to walk on, and when there is a crowd of guests looking your way, the last thing you want to do is trip or sprain an ankle by wearing a pair of heels. Also, this is a terrific alternative to walking barefoot, if you want to prevent the sand from getting stuck between your toes.



If your toes want a bit of breathing room, then sandals are a great decision for wedding shoes. They can be casual and elegant. They are also a great way to show off your dance moves.



For all you country girls out there, there’s nothing better than a good leather boot. They will also protect you from any creatures if you are planning on having a wedding in a location such as a ranch or a big meadow.

Peep Toe


A popular shoe for brides is the peep toe heel. It shows off your brand new pedicure and also gives your toes some room to breathe. For summer weddings, that’s definitely a plus.



The classic pump has gone a long way. More and more you see brides with brighter colors such as the above royal blue. Red and yellow are popular choices as well.

Cake Toppers: New Ideas for Filling That Empty Space

When you look at this wedding cake topper couple, what does it make you think of??


You may be flashing back to pictures from your parents and grandparents weddings, when these were a hit. These days why not change it up a little. Make your wedding more fun, while still keeping some of the tradition alive with a cake topper like this.

This wedding was photographed by two close friends and very gifted photographers, John Paul Douglass and Wes Sumner. The topper is actually made from wooden clothespins painted to resemble the outfits of the bride and groom, something that is more common today than the toppers of the past.


Here is another example of some toppers made by Lil’ Cake Toppers that are reminiscent of various backgrounds and ethnicities. Notice the top left are the newly wed Duke and Duchess of Wales (not their actual cake topper).

If you are more interested in displaying an object rather than people on the top of your wedding cake, below is an example of an alternative decoration.


For a wedding that is beach themed, this chair idea is a perfect choice. For an additional fun flair, you can add some glitter including your initials on each chair to make it more personalized.

If there is a specific animal that you and your fiance’ share a passion for, this is another neat way to separate your wedding cake topper from others. Above is an example of two owls that really make the cake.

Also a great way  to make an impression on your guests and jump from tradition, is for you to use cupcakes instead of a wedding cake and create personalized and unique family photo cutouts.

If you have time to explore your creative side, doing so with the wedding cake topper is a great way for your guests to really remember your wedding from the rest. For more cake topper ideas, visit Simply Delicious! and Martha Stewart weddings.

Crafty Wedding Favors Within a Budget

Things have gotten very creative when it comes to the popular wedding favors of today. No longer are they fine polished silver bells that you have to worry about cleaning every few months so they don’t tarnish. With many bride and groom’s having to worry about everything else that comes with a wedding, especially the major expenses of a venue and caterers, it’s nice to spend a little less on favors while still giving it a unique touch. Here are some examples of wedding favors that can add a whimsical and personal appeal to your wedding.

Holographic glasses

Sure, these glasses are a little silly. But they are also fun and can only cause giggles for your wedding guests. When peering through these one-of-a-kind glasses, all points of light (candles, street lamps, headlights) turn into hearts. Plus, what’s so great about these is you can either keep them or throw them away. They are just there to entertain the guests and show them that you are thinking of them.

DIY Cotton Candy Favors

Some brides like to explore their crafty side and make party favors themselves. These Do It Yourself Cotton Candy Favors are one perfect way to show this.  Also known as “Fairy Floss,” flavors include Pistachio, Vanilla, and Rose and look extra sweet in these translucent envelopes. For full directions, check out this link.

Cookie Bags

These edible cookie bags, found on Martha Stewart are perfect favors for a summer wedding. Made to resemble paper bags, they vary in size and can either be taken home or, if they look too savory to wait, can be gobbled up at the wedding.


Many Spring/Summer weddings are based around flowers, and the new gardening season, which is why these Forget-Me-Not seed wedding favors are sure to be a hit.

For many more wedding favor tips and ideas, visit these inspiring websites:

Wedding Traditions: To Have and To Hold

While many weddings these days tend to move away from the traditions of the past, there are still some components that should always remain intact. Following these simple, but vital guidelines will show your guests and family that you are being respectful while also adding your own creativity to the mix.

“Start Spreading the News”


Although you may not be “leaving today” as Frank Sinatra put it, it is a great idea to let the bride and grooms parents know of your engagement. It may not be mandatory, but it shows respect for the bride as well as her family, especially if they are partaking in the payment of part or all of the wedding. Then, all of the close friends can personally be made aware in whatever way you see fit.

Additional ways of announcing your engagement, could be to have it included in the newspaper. Also sending out invitations for an engagement party is a great way to include those in the wider circle of friends who may or may not be attending the wedding.

Thoughts on Cost


It is more common today for both the bride’s and groom’s parents to help out with the major costs, such as the catering and wedding venue. However, sometimes it can be the obligation of the bride and groom to pay the costs, taking into consideration that their parents are deceased or elderly, or if it is not their first wedding. Either way, it is still important to make sure that everyone is valued for their aid in the finances.

This list of “wedding etiquette practices” taken from The Wedding Establishment is a great way of organizing the costs amongst the two families.

The bride’s family pays for:

  • All reception costs, including venue, catering, flowers, decorations etc (this can be share with groom’s family)
  • Other associated event costs such as engagement party, wedding breakfast etc.
  • The bride’s dress (this may be shared with the bride)
  • All wedding photography and wedding videography
  • Wedding stationery
  • Wedding cake and favors
  • All bridal accessories, hair and makeup (this can be shared with bride or attendants)
  • Mother of bride outfit
  • Accommodation for bride’s family if they have to travel a long distance

The groom’s family pays for:

  • Share of reception costs
  • Alcohol at the reception
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding cars

The bride

  • Her gown (if her parents are not paying)
  • The groom’s wedding ring
  • Part or all of the attendants’ dresses, particularly if it’s a unique design that’s not easily worn again
  • Honeymoon to be shared with the groom

The groom

  • The bride’s wedding ring
  • Bouquets, buttonholes and corsages for the bridal party and parents
  • Gifts for the bridal party
  • The marriage license
  • Wedding ceremony costs
  • The groom’s suit
  • Groomsmen suits’ costs (if appropriate)
  • Honeymoon shared cost with bride.

The Three S’s: Seating, Standing, and Salutation


Seating: The proper etiquette in a church setting, in particular, would be to have the bride’s family on one side and the groom’s on the other. Room should also be left in the few front rows for the parent’s and close family. Most of the time usher’s are used to avoid confusion. Typically, the usher’s will greet you at the door and courteously take you to your seat.

Standing: Depending on your faith, the procession of the bridal party will vary. In most Christian weddings, the groom and groomsmen wait in the front of the church. The bridesmaids will lead the procession down the aisle, followed by the ring bearer and flower girl and the main girl, the BRIDE!!


Reception Line: This is a great time for the bridal party to really connect with the guests. Introductions will be made of whoever is in charge of the wedding. If the case is that both the bride and groom’s parents have split the costs, the mother and father of the bride would be introduced first, then the mother and father of the groom, bridal party and of course, the bride and groom for the big finale.

Seating: Usually, the bride and groom will have a table in the center of the room, with the bridesmaids to her right and the groomsmen to his left. The parent’s will sit with close relatives at another table. Make sure that the guests at each table are seated with others they can somewhat relate to, so it makes for a smoother and more enjoyable night.


Traditionally, the father of the bride, head groomsmen and groom give speeches at the reception. However, many modern day weddings include a speech by the mother of the bride/groom, bridesmaids, and other close family. It is really the decision of the bride and groom. Ensure that someone also acts as an MC, so all of the names are pronounced correctly, and try not to let anyone go over 10 minutes in their speech. There is only so much your guests want to hear, with out turning it into an epic performance.

Cutting the Cake

This is a fun time for the bride and groom to connect with each other and share this exciting moment. In this occasion it is important that the cake be placed in an open area that is clearly visible for the photographers and videographers to gain the best shots.

The Dance You’ll Always Remember

It is best to choose something tasteful for this special first dance that means something to both the bride and groom. After they dance, the parent’s of the bride and groom and bridal party can now take the floor. Customarily, the bride will dance with her father and the groom with his mother.

Saying Goodbye

This is the point of the reception, where the bride will throw her bouquet, and the groom the garter. This is a moment of good luck and love in marriage to whoever catches these two. Therefore, it is one that should not be missed. It is a richly symbolic moment.

The Thank You

The bride or groom should take this time to thank all of the key people that played a part in the wedding (the hosts, maid of honor, bridesmaids, etc.) Send thank you’s to all the guests that came there for your special day. The formal wedding etiquette was to typically send out thank you’s up to 12 months after the wedding. Nowadays it’s better to send personalized thank you notes up 1 or 2 months after.

Dull to Dainty: Top Wedding Hair Accessories

So your wedding ‘do is all picked out and ready to go. Now what? Whether it’s an extravagant feathery flower or a delicate headband, these hot wedding hair accessories will be sure to liven up your style.

Feather Flower


Depending on the hairstyle, this feather flower idea is perfect to stick right into the knot of this up-do.

Crystal Hair Tie


A more simple accessory would be this crystal hair tie. It really holds these curls into place and is just the right size to not draw too much attention away from this exquisite hairstyle.



Windy days are the worst. Especially when it comes to your hair on your special day. In this case, an elastic headband is a great choice to keep your hair tamed, while also looking 100 percent gorgeous.