Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding Budget

I was going through our blog posts recently, and found this post that our former intern, Maddy, had written. Sadly, it got lost in WordPress-land and never got published! So I thought I would share it with you today.

By the way, Maddy has gone on to start her own event planning company in Arizona! We miss you, Maddy, but we are very proud of you.

The following tips will help you make the most of your wedding budget:

– Trust your wedding professionals. They should have suggestions for you about their area of expertise.

– Be honest when you are interviewing vendors. When you are calling around, tell them your budget and ask if they can work with it. As an example, many DJ companies may have different prices for different entertainers, so meet with ones in your prices range.

– Cut the guest list. Yes, it’s hard, and you may risk some hurt feelings. The best suggestion is to keep the guest list fair. If you invite one cousin, invite them all; or cut them all. Ask your parents to eliminate clients or friends from their lists, unless they are paying for the whole thing; if that is the case, you may want to show them your budget and see if they are willing to spend more for their guests to attend.

– When you are making selections, especially for floral arrangements and food, ask yourself. “Do we really need this? Would anyone notice if we didn’t have it?”

– Skip the champagne for the toast. Champagne can add several hundred dollars, and most people won’t drink more than a sip or two anyway.

– Keep your top priorities in mind and focus on them. If food is high on your list, consider spending the same amount on three courses instead of five-you will get better quality food for those three courses.

– Put your “wedding money” in a separate account or use a special credit card so you can easily track each expenditure.

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Wedding Details: Buttons

Looking for an inexpensive decoration item for you wedding? Think about using buttons! With a variety of colors and sizes, buttons are a cute item to incorporate in your wedding décor and fashion.

Don’t want to use flowers for your wedding bouquet? Make a bouquet from felt flowers and buttons!


Use buttons in your wedding colors to dress up your wedding favors or place cards!


With a little time and creativity, boutonnières can be made using buttons!




Cakes look great decorated with buttons!



Who knew that something as simple as a button could add so much character to wedding decor and fashion. While planning your wedding keep in mind that sometimes the most seemingly ordinary objects can be used in creative and fun ways!

Escort Cards vs Place Cards: What’s the difference?

Escort cards

Often mistakenly interchanged, escort cards and place cards actually serve two distinctive purposes.  Simply, escort cards let guests know where they are sitting. In effect they escort guests to their seats.  These cards are often seen creatively displayed on a separate table just outside the dining area.

Alternatively, place cards sit on each table and indicate the specific seat where a guest will sit. In addition they are often used to indicate to the catering staff which meal you guests have chosen, if they have been given a choice between two or three items.

And what if you have open seating? Well then cards aren’t necessary at all! For the couples who to choose to use escort and pace cards, use it as an opportunity to enhance your decor! For example escort cards can be hanging from a tree or enclosed in an envelope. Place cards can be placed inside a frame or attached to a single flower. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Wedding Veils 101

Historically women wore veils on their wedding day to hide their face from the groom before they were married, but today veils are more viewed as a bridal fashion accessory. There are many different types of veils to choose from, for example:



Also known as a birdgecage veil, the blusher veil is very short and has only one layer of material. It falls just below the chin and complements any style of dress.

Chapel Veil:


This type of veil is considered more formal then the blusher and is made from two layers of material. The first layer covers the face during the ceremony and the second layer extends to the floor. This type of veil works best with wedding dresses that have a longer train and are more formal.

Fingertip Veil:


This type of veil is made with either one or two layers of material. The length of the veil extends to the bride’s fingertips and looks great with formal, floor length gowns.

Flyaway Veil:


The flyaway veil is less formal and is made from several layers of material. This veil is worn short and falls just below the bride’s shoulder blades. It can be worn with less formal dresses that are short or ones with no train.

An Alternative to the Traditional Wedding Cake

Don’t like cake? Want to do something different instead?? There are many different options for those couples seek and alternative to the traditional wedding cake! For example:


Cupcakes are a great and popular alternative to a more traditional wedding cake. The beauty of cupcakes are that they can be made in multiple flavors, giving your guests the option of which flavor they would like to have.


Instead have having one big cake with one flavor, think about having a cake buffet instead! Your guests will be able to choose from a variety of different cakes which can be creatively displayed as part of your wedding décor.

Love pie? A pie buffet is another nice alternative to cake. Similar to the cake buffet but with various types of pies, you guests will surely appreciate this yummy twist in the wedding tradition.


Looking for something really different? Use donuts! These unexpected treats will be sure to wow your guests!