It’s Our 12th Anniversary!

Tomorrow marks the 12th anniversary for First Coast Weddings and Events, so we thought we’d share some ideas for 12th anniversary gifts!

The traditional gifts are silk and linen. What a great chance to do a little redecorating?

silk drapes Pottery Barn

Beautiful dupioni silk drapes from Pottery Barn

monogrammed tablecloth Pottery Barn

Monogrammed linen tablecloth, also from Pottery Barn

The modern gift for a 12th anniversary is the pearl. A Southern favorite! What girl wouldn’t love a new pearl necklace or pair of earrings?

Pearl diamond earrings

Pearl and diamond earrings from Jared

Pearl necklace Jared

Pearl and diamond necklace, also from Jared

What would you like to receive on your anniversary?

Halloween Wedding Inspiration

Happy Halloween! Today we’re featuring some Pinterest inspiration for couples that choose to take “Til Death Do Us Part” to a whole new level by having a Halloween themed wedding. Head over to our Pinterest page to check it out!

halloween wedding


In Favor of the Rehearsal Brunch or Luncheon

Breakfast Brunch Lunch Wedding Rehearsal

This morning, at 10:00 am, we had a great rehearsal for tomorrow’s wedding. The wedding party went to a lovely luncheon afterward. So who says you have to have a rehearsal dinner?

Having an earlier ceremony rehearsal means plenty of time to relax with your friends and family the day before the wedding. Plus, if you are planning to decorate your own venue (not that we recommend that!) you would have plenty of time to do so. The guys could play a round of golf, since afternoon tee times are much easier to get. The girls have time for a mani/pedi without walking into the venue with still-wet nails. Or here on the First Coast, you have time to hit the beach with your buds!

Of course, if you have lots of people traveling for your wedding, or getting time off work is an issue, a morning rehearsal may not work for you. But why not investigate the option?

Bonus for the groom’s parents: brunch or lunch menus tend to be lower priced than dinners, and you won’t need as much alcohol!

Would you consider having a rehearsal brunch or luncheon?

Selecting Music for Your Wedding Reception


We often have couples ask about music selections for their wedding reception. When you hire your band or DJ, they will usually provide a long list of songs they can play. Both bands and DJs can usually get/learn songs that are not on their list, given enough advance warning. But the question we hear a lot is, do I have to make a list of every song I want them to play?

Well, yes and no.

Yes – you need to provide a list (typically 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding) of the special songs like your first dance, parents’ dances, final song, etc.

Yes – you need to provide a list of “do not play” songs. Hate the Chicken Dance or the Electric Slide? Is there a romantic song that was “your song” with your ex? Make a list of those so your band or DJ will be sure not to include them.

Yes – you should also make a list of some of your favorite songs from the band or DJ’s song list.  They may not play every one at your reception, but it will give them an idea of the music you like.

No – you do not have to make a list of every single song and when to play it. In fact, I highly discourage any hint of this. You have hired a professional band or DJ for a reason. Let them put together a playlist that highlights their talents. And in the case of DJs, they often read the crowd and will play similar music if everyone is on the dance floor.

When in doubt, ask your band or DJ what their preferences are if it wasn’t stated in the contract or during your consultation.

(photo by Dan Harris PhotoArt of DJ Jeff Bell in action at Tabatha and Dustin’s wedding)

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall Wedding Inspiration

I know, it’s October 3rd. Parts of the country are already seeing snow. So why am I just now writing a blog post called “Fall Wedding Inspiration?” Well, we’re finally getting our first glimpse of fall here in the Sunshine State. Which means it will be in the 70’s this weekend! Definitely still not sweater weather.

Being in Florida, we don’t get to enjoy the beauty of changing leaves, or other treats of the autumn season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little touch of fall into your wedding design!

Pop on over to our Pinterest page where you can check out some Fall Wedding Inspiration