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Halloween Wedding Inspiration

Happy Halloween! Today we’re featuring some Pinterest inspiration for couples that choose to take “Til Death Do Us Part” to a whole new level by having a Halloween themed wedding. Head over to our Pinterest page to check it out!

halloween wedding


In Favor of the Rehearsal Brunch or Luncheon

Breakfast Brunch Lunch Wedding Rehearsal

This morning, at 10:00 am, we had a great rehearsal for tomorrow’s wedding. The wedding party went to a lovely luncheon afterward. So who says you have to have a rehearsal dinner?

Having an earlier ceremony rehearsal means plenty of time to relax with your friends and family the day before the wedding. Plus, if you are planning to decorate your own venue (not that we recommend that!) you would have plenty of time to do so. The guys could play a round of golf, since afternoon tee times are much easier to get. The girls have time for a mani/pedi without walking into the venue with still-wet nails. Or here on the First Coast, you have time to hit the beach with your buds!

Of course, if you have lots of people traveling for your wedding, or getting time off work is an issue, a morning rehearsal may not work for you. But why not investigate the option?

Bonus for the groom’s parents: brunch or lunch menus tend to be lower priced than dinners, and you won’t need as much alcohol!

Would you consider having a rehearsal brunch or luncheon?

Welcome Bags for Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests

Bow Tie Bags Wedding Welcome BagsIt’s that time of year when we’re busy getting welcome bags/boxes ready for our spring weddings! We get a lot of questions about what goes inside these little packages. The most common items are:

  • Bottled water.  An absolute must!
  • Snacks.  Something salty, something sweet, and perhaps something with a local flair. (More on this below.)
  • Information about the area.  Contact the local visitors’ bureau or chamber of commerce, and they will be more than happy to send you brochures and maybe even coupons!
  • Information about the wedding.  If you have an action-packed weekend planned, include an itinerary and maps/directions if transportation isn’t being provided.
  • Contact information.  Assign a local friend to act as your concierge for the weekend to help with last minute questions from your guests.

From the basics, you can upgrade to include bottles of wine, personalized toiletry items like lotion or bubble bath, even slippers!  If you are planning a beach wedding, perhaps a pair of flip flops and bottle of sunscreen.  For a garden wedding, a lovely hat. Just remember that your guests will have to pack these items for their trip home, or leave them behind.

When our brides ask us for “regional” favorites, we suggest:

  • Peterbrooke chocolates
  • Florida oranges
  • Boiled peanuts
  • Datil pepper sauce
  • San Sebastian wines

Sound like a lot of work? If you aren’t working with a wedding planner who offers this service, check out Bow Tie Bags – you can customize your bag and its contents, and they will ship them directly to the hotel. (The photo above is one of their creations!)

No More Wedding Cupcakes!

mini-piesWe very rarely see cupcakes at weddings. Our clients seem to love the drama of a large cake. But for 2014, cupcakes are definitely out – say hello to mini-pies!

 New twists on classic dishes are hot throughout wedding menus and mini-pies are on the top of the list. Old classics like rhubarb are making a comeback – pair it with strawberry for the perfect mix of sweet and tart. 

Other unique flavor combos include raspberry key lime, pumpkin pecan praline, or lemon blueberry. Or, ask your caterer to use Grandma’s prize-winning apple pie recipe! What a great way to incorporate family tradition into your wedding.

Of course, this idea is great for showers or rehearsal dinners too! A variety of mini-pies can be arranged on a table, as shown in the photo on the right. Or, if you plan to serve one flavor of pie, have them served to your guests at their table as shown in the photo below.

What type of pie would you serve at your wedding?


The Groom’s Cake

Grooms Cake Jacksonville FL Wedding

The Groom’s Cake is a tradition popular in the South, but where did this tradition come from?

In the Victorian Era, the groom’s cake was a dense fruit cake. Small pieces of cake were put into boxes and given to the single women at the wedding. The women put the cake under their pillow to bring dreams of their future husband.

While that tradition has gone away, the groom’s cake is still generally darker or denser than the wedding cake. Popular favorites include chocolate cake, carrot cake, or cheesecake. And it is still popular to box the groom’s cake and give it to your guests as a wedding favor.

We see lots of our couples serve the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner rather than at the wedding. Usually, the cake is designed with the groom’s interests or hobbies in mind. The fun cake pictured here is from Jenna and Andy’s wedding, and was created by Classic Cakes and photographed by Fox Fotography.

So do you have to have one? No, it’s your wedding – do whatever you want to! But it is a fun way to incorporate a touch of the groom’s personality into the wedding day.