Food, Drinks and Treats

Elizabeth & Patrick (04.10.09)

Danielle coordinated an amazing wedding last weekend!  Since she is busy with her own wedding preparations (CONGRATS, DANIELLE!) I thought I would share this link to a blog post from Oeil Photography about the wedding.

Check out the post for more AMAZING images!

Creating Your Dream Wedding Cake

The other day l was helping to coordinate a wedding. Everything was coming together so nicely, the weather was beautiful and everyone was on time and ready to go. I started to do my final check of the reception site, and then the wedding cake caught my eye. I could not help thinking about all the decisions that were made to create that amazing wedding cake.

Creating your dream wedding cake involves many different decisions, including the number of tiers, shape and style, elaborate, simple or elegant. Of course one of the main decisions about selecting the right wedding cake is choosing the right flavors, and also to make sure the look of the cake fits in with your wedding day theme.

To some people the wedding cake is such an important part of the wedding day planning, and to others it is not. I know that l did not spend much time thinking about my wedding cake, but l wish l did now. I believe the important thing about making sure you get your dream wedding cake, is to work with an excellent wedding cake baker. Make sure to share every bit of your wedding cake vision with your cake baker, and they can help your visions come to fruition.

Pastry Chef Paul Collins has been in the pastry food service industry for over 29 years. He creates amazing and delicious cakes. He provided me with some pictures of his wedding cakes below.  To find out more about Chef Paul, please go to his web site: Finding the right cake baker can make creating your dream wedding cake, a piece of cake!!


Bridesmaid Luncheons – yes or no?

Over on our Facebook page, we have a discussion forum with a topic called “What’s Stressing You Out?”  Our of our brides-to-be, Abby, posted this: “The pressure of wondering if I need to do a bridal luncheon and if yes, how do I pay for all of that extra?”

Bridesmaids’ luncheons are a nice way to thank the ladies in your life for being involved with your wedding, but it is certainly not a necessity.  Depending on when your girls are arriving for the wedding, why not have a pajama party?  Rent some fun movies, eat lots of “bad” food, play truth or dare – all the great things you did growing up.

Another idea: host a picnic!  Create some of your favorite dishes and take your girls to a park or the beach.  Open a bottle of wine (or several) and spend the afternoon relaxing in the fresh air.  The best way to show someone you care about them is to cook for them!

My Kind of Christmas Tree!

I’ll admit it, I’ve never been into Christmas.  My dad’s family lives in a town called Christmas, where there is a permanent Christmas tree and until recently had a post office that resembled a gingerbread house.  My holidays as a child were a rushed and hectic time being juggled between my divorced parents and extended families.

When I was in college, I worked in retail, which meant Christmas was a time of cranky customers and screaming children.  After college, I worked in the convention services department of a large hotel where Christmas meant working 6-7 days a week at all hours of the day.

All this combines to make me a little Christmas-weary.  Not to mention the fact that they start decorating the mall in OCTOBER.

However, the friendly elves at Serenatea have been hard at work for the past few weeks making an entire forest of Christmas cookie trees.  I know, you are thinking, what is so special about a tree-shaped cookie?  Well, these are three-dimensional trees!

I don’t decorate my house for the holidays, but I could definitely get used to having one of these cuties around – at least for an hour until I ate it!

Yumminess at The White Room

Today I spent a great afternoon at The White Room in St. Augustine with bride Hsinyi and groom Kevin.

In addition to sampling the yummy food like beef tenderloin and paella, strawberry mojitos and white wine sangria were offered as signature drinks.

The mock reception decor looked gorgeous. Serena chose an assortment of linens themed by row: blacks, whites and grays; blues and greens; and neutrals. Soft classical music set the tone for the afternoon, and florals by Flowers By Shirley accented the decor.

Claude’s Chocolates (a local St. Augustine treat!) were featured in a display, packaged in adorable favor boxes.

Plus we got to preview The White Room Loft’s new third floor balcony!  What a view – I can’t wait to see it with new flooring and lounge furniture.

Thanks for a great afternoon!