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Not Your Parents’ Wedding Invitation

Wow, there are so many cool wedding invitations available today! If you haven’t noticed, they no longer have to be white or ecru with black text. (Although who can go wrong with a classic?)

If you’re looking for some modern alternatives, check out a few that we found over at Wedding Paper Divas:

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Custom-Tailored Shirts and Ties For Your Groom and Groomsmen

The rented tux is pretty standard for weddings. On occasion, it might be a suit instead. But men’s attire doesn’t vary that much from wedding to wedding. Have you considered having the dress shirts custom-tailored to go with the rental?

For the grooms, this is a great way to have a special memento of the wedding day. And did you know that a special fabric can be sewn to the under-side of the cuffs, so that we you’re out there dancing and rolling up your sleeves, you have a stylish surprise! Or check out the groom in the photo – he and his groomsmen all wore these great Gator shirts under their Air Force uniforms.

As a special touch, have his monogram embroidered on the cuff.

If you can’t afford to buy custom shirts for all the groomsmen, think about having ties custom-made. Not only is that a great way to get the exact color or print you are looking for, but it’s a great groomsman gift.

Whether buying shirts for all the groomsmen or just the groom, you’ll need accurate measurements. There are also a variety of fits and collar types, and your tailor should be able to help you make selections based on body type. There are also fabric choices – not only in color but also thread count. Similar to buying sheets, higher thread counts tend to be softer.

A top-notch tailor will help you through all these decisions. If you are in Jacksonville, we recommend that you visit The Tailor Shop for expert guidance.

DIY Wedding Maps

Chances are, you’ll need a map to include with your wedding invitations. If you are having your invitations custom designed, you graphic artist will probably create one for you. But what if you aren’t? There are lots of websites and artists that can create pretty maps for you. But did you know you can do it yourself? I didn’t really believe it either, so I made one for our office location! Here’s how it works…

{Word of Caution: Don’t rush this project! Give yourself plenty of time, and work on it over a few nights. If you lack patience, consider hiring someone instead.}

Step 1: Find your locations in Google Maps, Mapquest, Bing, or another online source. If you will have multiple locations, be sure to zoom out wide enough to show them all. You’ll be tracing this map, so be sure you are happy with its size, zoom and position. Use Print Screen to capture the image.

Step 2: If you have access to a drawing program, like Adobe Illustrator, open it up and paste your map into a new drawing. If you don’t have Illustrator, you can accomplish the same thing using Microsoft PowerPoint! Paste your image in a new slide to get started.

Step 3: Use the drawing tools to trace the main streets on your maps. If you are using PowerPoint, use the Curve tool to trace most roads. You can also adjust the thickness for major roads, and add text boxes to add labels. Remember, it doesn’t need to be exact, as long as all the roads are where they should be. Once you have all the roads traced, delete the original Google map and check out your design!

Step 4: Add icons to your map for your ceremony and reception locations – Google “free wedding clipart” to find some cute images. You could also add rehearsal dinner locations, or any other places your guests will need to find.

Step 5: In PowerPoint, use the Select All command to select all the elements of your map. Once everything is selected, right click and choose the Save As Picture option. A dialogue window will open allowing you to save your map as an image file.  Depending on the size your printed map needs to be, it may be better to save the file as a PDF.

That’s it! This is my finished product:

Not too bad for a couple hours work!

Bridal Shower Recipe Fun

Letterpress Recipe Card BoxMy mom and I were recently visiting my 97-year-old Great Aunt Cora, and the conversation turned to cookies. Even at 97, Aunt Cora can still remember who preferred peanut butter and who preferred chocolate chip.  Each Christmas, she would make batches and batches of cookies, seal them into decorative tins, and give them as gifts. I never understood why I had to share a tin with my mom – but now as an adult, when I think of how many hours of baking that was, I get it! After cookies, we talked about other favorite family meals, and there was a slightly-heated discussion about who is in possession of Aunt Cora’s invaluable recipe box.

That conversation got me thinking – my generation, and those younger than me I’m sure, don’t really treasure recipes. If we want to try something new for dinner, we turn to Google or, rather than a treasured family recipe box. So for your bridal shower, why not start your own?

How it works: Include a recipe card with the shower invitations. Be sure to include instructions for your guests to write down their favorite recipe and bring it with them to the party. You might want to write a meal type on the cards, so that you don’t end up with all cookie recipes! If it is a small shower of mostly family, you may even want to ask each guest to bring their dish with them, pot-luck style.

My tip: Choose a recipe card that is blank on the back. Then ask each guest to write a little note with the origin of the recipe, a special memory of you, or a wish for you and your husband. I love the stylish letterpress recipe set shown here from OneCanoeTwo Letterpress on Etsy.

During the party, be sure to save time to ooh and aah over all the recipes in your collection!

Escort Card Holders

This weekend we will be coordinating Mimi and Trey’s stylish and chic wedding at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort and Spa. Mimi found these great escort card holders on Etsy, and we can’t wait to use them on Saturday.

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