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Polaroid Escort Cards

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Today escort cards can be found in all types of shapes and sizes. They can be placed on fruits and vegetables like limes and pumpkins, objects such as keys or horseshoes; the possibilities are endless. It’s very easy to make your escort cards fit to whatever your wedding theme is.

One fun trend that couples are using is hanging their escort cards by string and mini clothespins. After the guests have taken their cards, they’re asked to replace their cards with a Polaroid of themselves taken in a photo booth. This is a fun way for new guests to see who’s already arrived by their pictures.

Wedding Wish Lantern

Looking for something unique to have at your wedding? Floating lanterns are a stunning visual effect that adds enjoyment and wonder to your event. The lanterns are a paper structure that’s fully biodegradable, nonflammable and easy to use. They symbolize hopes, dreams and wishes for the life of the newlyweds. They can also represent friends and family members who have passed.

The lanterns can either be released at the end of the ceremony to symbolize the new marriage, or the guests can release them during the reception. However you decide to use them, one thing is for sure; your guests will remember them for years to come!

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Future-Signifying Gifts for the Bride

Many couples exchange personal wedding gifts to on another to make their wedding day special and memorable. Gifts can either be exchanged at the rehearsal dinner or can be delivered by the best man and maid of honor on the wedding day.

A unique gift for the groom to give his bride would be something to symbolize their future together. Add-on jewelry is ideal for representing  a couple’s future. The groom purchases a bracelet or necklace with a starter bead/beads and every year for the couple’s anniversary the piece of jewelry is added on to.

There are many jewelry brands that that hold this concept and range in price depending on what materials they’re made out of. Here are some examples of jewelry brands.

Chamilia Charms

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Add A Pearl

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Brighton Charms

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DaVinci Beads

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Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Groom

What is an appropriate gift for a bride to give her groom? Traditionally, the bride and groom exchange wedding gifts the day of their wedding. Whatever you decide to give your groom will depend on his interests and your budget. When you’re trying to select a gift for your groom ask yourself a few questions: Does he have a hobby or sport he enjoys? Is there something special he’s been wanting? Is there something that could be useful on your honeymoon? It’s important to remember it doesn’t matter the cost of the gift, the only important criteria is that the gift has meaning to your future husband.

Here are a few examples of great groom gifts.

Men’s watch

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A day of golf

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Tickets to his favorite sports team

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A tablet



A cigar bar at your reception

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Incorporating Your Dog Into Your Big Day

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It’s becoming more and more popular for dog lovers to include their dogs into their weddings; after all, they are a part of the family. People are finding that their pups make excellent ring bearers and flower girls. So if you decide to have your dog be a part of your big day here are some tips to insure everything runs smoothly.

  • Check with your wedding ceremony venue beforehand. Many churches or other religious institutions might not allow animals.
  • Make sure they’re accompanied by a human. It’s difficult to trust an off-leash ring bearer unless you’re 100% certain they can handle the responsibility.
  • Have someone take your dog on a walk beforehand. It’s important there’s no accidents during the ceremony.
  • Be sure the person chaperoning your pup has treats on hand, JUST IN CASE.
  • Have a post-wedding plan for your pooch.  Schedule someone to pick him or her up from the ceremony venue and drop off at home or at a boarding facility if you will be leaving right away for your honeymoon.