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Marriage Advice Guest Book

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Have something out of the ordinary at your reception and display a decorative board saying “Share Your Key To Success.” This is a fun activity for guest to give their marriage advice to the newlyweds. Have  a jar on the table with antique keys with tags attached, and then have guests write down their words of wisdom on the blank tags. The guests can then place their filled-out keys onto the board. The board would be ideal to have near the guest book.

Charming Ideas for Wedding Favors

Favors have been associated with weddings for centuries and have greatly evolved over time.  Wedding favors also vary in different parts of the world. In Italian weddings, five almonds are given to each guest, symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity for the bride and the groom.

An essential element to remember when selecting a wedding favor is that they should either be edible, drinkable or useful.  It’s important to realize that outside your family, people won’t want a keepsake from your wedding. Here are some fun favors to consider.

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Honey Jar

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Wine Bottle Topper

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Shea Butter Lip Balms

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Custom Jack Daniel’s Mini Bottle Labels

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Soy Candle

Wedding Ceremony Toss Options

Ceremony tosses are a fun way to celebrate a couple’s marriage.  The original choice of rice was tossed as a symbol of prosperity and have been used in weddings for hundreds of years, but since it can be less than ideal to clean up after and is also known to be slippery, other alternatives have become very popular for the timeless tradition.

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Ribbon Wands

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Rose Petals

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Fall Leaves

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Paper Airplanes

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Twinkle Poms


Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding

The internet is full of wedding ideas – it can be overwhelming! How do you keep track of everything you like – endless bookmarks, stacks of printed pages, a super-long string of emails between you and  your Maid of Honor?  Enter: Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online pinboard that lets you organize and share things you find on the web. You can create multiple boards – one for dresses, one for hairstyles, one for flowers, the list goes on and on – so that everything stays neatly organized. And even better, you can share your boards with anyone, and they can comment on your pins. What a great way to collaborate!

Just remember, anyone can see your board – so if you want to keep your wedding details a secret, you might want to look at other options.

Right now, Pinterest is by invitation only – but if you need an invite, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll send you one.

Cold-Weather Wedding Ideas

The past two days have been extremely cold for Florida…  Are you prepared for a cold-weather wedding? Check out these tips:

Fur Wrap: Stay warm and toasty in your wedding gown with a faux fur wrap. Add a touch of winter glamour with a sparkly, vintage broach. (Shown here: a beautiful diamond white wrap from

Hot Beverages: Consider having a hot beverage station to greet your guests when they arrive. Hot chocolate, coffee, and cider are all great ways to warm up from the cold.

Coat Check: Being in Florida, we don’t always think about a coat check.  Ask your venue if they have a coat rack where your guests can hang their outerwear when they arrive.

Fire Pit: If you ceremony or reception venue has doors leading to an outdoor area, consider bringing in a fire pit. Not only does it add a fun touch, but it’s a great way for your guests to stay warm if they need to step outside.  Just remember to supply plenty of wood and designate someone to replenish it throughout the night.