Little Touches

Introducing…Planning Websites!

Our team (especially Danielle!) has been working hard on developing a great new service for our clients, and I’m proud to announce that we are ready for the big reveal!

We are introducing Planning Websites for all of our brides and grooms to interact with their coordinator.  It’s a great way to share documents, photos, to-do lists, ideas and more!

We’re still in the process of creating individual websites for our current clients, but we are busy uploading files!  You’ll receive an email when your website is up and running.

But don’t be worried – these sites are only accessible to people that are invited, so the entire world won’t know how much you’re spending on your flowers or what your dress looks like!

Candy Station Resources

In case you didn’t see it, Martha Stewart’s wedding goddess Darcy Miller highlighted candy station ideas on the “Martha” show recently.  Darcy was nice enough to post a list of some favorite suppliers for the yummy treats they love, which you can find here:

Of course, we can help you find lots of great local vendors that provide unique treats as well!  And are you wondering where to get all those cute containers?  We can help with that too!

Is there an idea you have seen or used that you would like to share?  Post a comment!

Cute Find…

These adorable purses are hand crafted by Brooke Galardi, founder of BeeGee Bags.  I think they’re a great gift idea for bridesmaids, birthdays, the upcoming holidays, (or your hardworking intern)! Custom orders for bridal parties are also available!

Check out all of the great designs at

I received an email over the weekend about a great new service called Bridal Canvas.  I had a chance to check it out this morning, and I have to say, I could spend all day playing with it!  It is an easy way to create inspiration boards for your wedding using pre-loaded images or upload your own.

The great thing is that the pre-loaded images have the source listed – so if you want to post an inspiration board on you Knot profile or blog, you don’t have to label each picture; the program does it for you!

Plus it’s entirely web-based, so it’s super easy to share your creation with your mom, maid of honor, florist and wedding consultant!  And it’s free!

Check it out at

Be Our Guest: Avoiding Wedding Purgatory

Continuing with our series on how to be more concious of one’s guests… today we will address the cocktail hour entertainment, or rather lack there of.  I would say that about 50% of my brides, regardless of budget,  often overlook designing an entertaining cocktail hour experience.  In fact, I would venture to say that most of my brides see any money spent on this element as frugal.  Guests have just sat through the ceremony, and while they will enjoy the time to wind down (and will undoubtedly appreciate a cocktail or two) the full hour can feel a little like wedding purgatory- a limbo of sorts where eventually everyone is standing around anxiously anticipating the arrival of the main courses, the couple, and the party. 

One of my favorite ways to bring a little life to the cocktail hour is by engaging guests with a playful and unexpected element.  Before you assume that this is yet another evil ploy from the “wedding industrial complex” understand that such an element does not necessarily mean spending a ton of money.

Perhaps you are having an outdoor cocktail hour on a grassy knoll?  Consider adding a little croquet, badmitton, or bocce ball for good measure. 

Have a little extra change in your budget?  Consider hiring an interactive entertainer like a card musician, fortune teller, cigar roller, silhouette artist, caricature artist, etc.  Having someone either work the crowd, or provide a station, can really loosen up the mood of the evening. 

Beatles on Youtube

Looking to stay traditional?  Go ahead and get a little cheeky with a string quartet that plays strictly Beetles and contemporary selections.

The greatest benefit to providing cocktail entertainment is that your guests will soon forget that your photos are running over time or that they’re starving.  Those guests who are not familiar with anyone else will find common grounds to start conversation over.  Let this hour set the stage for the rest of your evening… as the more comfortable that your guests become during this hour, the more apt they are to engage the rest of the evening and stay until the end.