Sweet 16 With A Cause

As I was reading the local news on FirstCoastNews.com on my Blackberry this morning, I came across this article that made me happy, and I wanted to share it.

YULEE, FL -- It's sweet 16 for Kelsey Morgan. The party is planned and the theme is in place.

"It's classy in pink, my favorite color is pink," says Morgan.

Decorations are ready.

"You have to have the right pink, you can't have the light pink, it's got to be the dark pink," says Kelsey's grandmother, Claudia Morgan.

The cause is an important one.

"Well, I really didn't want a big party so I figured if I was going to do one I'd rather do something with it," says Kelsey Morgan.

She is. She's asking all of her 150 plus guests to donate to the First Coast Cancer Foundation instead of giving presents. This party may be in Kelsey's name, but it's dedicated to those in her family fighting cancer. Her grandmother was diagnosed in February.

"She watched that MTV on those spoiled 16 year olds having those big parties and she said I don't want anything like that, I want my party to be for somebody else, not for me," says Claudia Morgan.

Cancer also took the life of Kelsey's great-grandmother.

"We know she can't cure cancer but we hope one day it can be cured, and what money we raised we feel like every little donation will help," says Claudia Morgan.

It's help that this 16 year old wants to give, hoping that whatever she collects will go a long way.

"People our age are told they can't make a difference, and we can so, that's what I want to tell them," says Morgan.

Kelsey Morgan is in the 10th grade at Yulee High School. She hopes to be a neonatal nurse when she is older.

Donations can be made to the First Coast Cancer Foundation through First Coast Oncology.

For more information call Director Jennifer Maggiore at 904-742-2916 or go to their website at www.firstcoastoncology.com.

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