Bridesmaid Luncheons - yes or no?


Over on our Facebook page, we have a discussion forum with a topic called "What's Stressing You Out?"  Our of our brides-to-be, Abby, posted this: "The pressure of wondering if I need to do a bridal luncheon and if yes, how do I pay for all of that extra?" Bridesmaids' luncheons are a nice way to thank the ladies in your life for being involved with your wedding, but it is certainly not a necessity.  Depending on when your girls are arriving for the wedding, why not have a pajama party?  Rent some fun movies, eat lots of "bad" food, play truth or dare - all the great things you did growing up.

Another idea: host a picnic!  Create some of your favorite dishes and take your girls to a park or the beach.  Open a bottle of wine (or several) and spend the afternoon relaxing in the fresh air.  The best way to show someone you care about them is to cook for them!