Creating Your Dream Wedding Cake


The other day l was helping to coordinate a wedding. Everything was coming together so nicely, the weather was beautiful and everyone was on time and ready to go. I started to do my final check of the reception site, and then the wedding cake caught my eye. I could not help thinking about all the decisions that were made to create that amazing wedding cake.

Creating your dream wedding cake involves many different decisions, including the number of tiers, shape and style, elaborate, simple or elegant. Of course one of the main decisions about selecting the right wedding cake is choosing the right flavors, and also to make sure the look of the cake fits in with your wedding day theme.

To some people the wedding cake is such an important part of the wedding day planning, and to others it is not. I know that l did not spend much time thinking about my wedding cake, but l wish l did now. I believe the important thing about making sure you get your dream wedding cake, is to work with an excellent wedding cake baker. Make sure to share every bit of your wedding cake vision with your cake baker, and they can help your visions come to fruition.

Pastry Chef Paul Collins has been in the pastry food service industry for over 29 years. He creates amazing and delicious cakes. He provided me with some pictures of his wedding cakes below.  To find out more about Chef Paul, please go to his web site: Finding the right cake baker can make creating your dream wedding cake, a piece of cake!!


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