Have a Pineapple!


refreshing pineapple drinkPineapples may make you think of tropical islands like Hawaii, or maybe just a great fruit salad. But there's more to this tangy citrus than just "sugar and spikes." The pineapple actually represents generosity, and is a commonly used symbol for hospitality. Thinking back, you may have visited a friend who had a welcome mat with a pineapple on it, or maybe a wreath. Perhaps the next time you see a pineapple welcome mat, you should just say, "Thank you!" In some states and countries, a pineapple is given to guests, letting them know that they are most welcome as visitors. As a student majoring in Hospitality Management, I have grown familiar with the pineapple symbolism. The tropical fruit can be found on my school's hospitality club t-shirts! First Coast Weddings and Events even gets in on the friendly fructose action by using a pineapple symbol in its logo.

Now that you have a taste for this pleasant produce, maybe you might consider serving pineapple at your reception! It goes great with honeydews.

(shown here, a refreshing Pineapple Cooler from Country Living)

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