The Green Wedding Series: Stationery


Welcome to part 2 of the Green Wedding Series!

Being an old-fashioned girl, I don't think it's appropriate to skip the printed invitation for an event as formal as a wedding. However, there are definitely ways to be eco-friendly when choosing your invitation:

  • Look for companies that do not provide an inner envelope.  It's very pretty, and I love the concept, but it does add up to a lot of extra paper.
  • Also ask about invitation styles printed on recycled or tree-free papers.  The invitation pictured above is from the Naturally Ever After line from Carlson Craft.
  • Some companies offer papers that have wildflower seeds embedded.  Your guests can bury your invitation in their yard and get a beautiful batch of flowers!
  • Vegetable- or soy-based inks are less harmful to the environment that petroleum-based inks.  Ask your printer if they offer this option.
  • Use a local printer whenever possible; be sure to ask if they will print them in-house or send them out!

If you want to go digital with some or all of your stationery, here are some ways to go:

  • Create a wedding website.  List all of your accommodations, travel info, local attractions, etc. online instead of mailing packets to your out-of-town guests.
  • Check out sites like Glö or Wedding Window for email invitations, save-the-dates, and RSVPs.
  • Remember that not all your guests may be as tech-savvy as you are.  Be sure to communicate all the necessary information by phone or handwritten note to anyone without email or internet access.