The Green Wedding Series: Food and Beverage


In part four of the Green Wedding series, we'll look at ways to make your reception menu more eco-conscious.

  • Ask your caterer about using locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Also ask about organic options for all of your menu choices.
  • Vegetarian menu items are not only health-conscious but are often more cost-effective.  Think about an amazing butternut squash ravioli for your entrée!
  • There are many options for organic beer and wine these days; or make your beverage selections from local breweries and wineries.
  • Check with your caterer to see if leftovers can be donated to a homeless shelter or other charity group.  Some counties and states have regulations preventing this, but it's a much better option than tossing all that food into the garbage!
  • Renting china, flatware and glassware isn't much more expensive than buying plastic versions.  And it's much better for the environment!
  • Save any empty bottles, cans, plastic containers or other recyclable materials and take them to a recycling facility after the wedding.

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