Five Popular Wedding Myths

#1 Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away:


Rain on your wedding day traditionally means good luck for the couple, representing a fertile crop or future children.

#2 Wearing Pearls:

Traditionally brides who choose to wear pearls the day of their wedding will have a happy, tear free marriage.

#3 Cry me a River:

It is considered good luck for brides to cry during her wedding. It is said that she will have cried all of her tears away and leave nothing left to cry about during the marriage.

#4 Dropping the Ring:

It is said that dropping the wedding ring shakes off evil spirits and therefore brings luck to the bride and groom. A less optimistic view of this myth states that whoever drops the ring will be the first person to die.

#5 Positioning of the Bride and Groom:

Traditionally the bride is suppose to sand to the left of the groom so that his sword arm is free to defend his future wife and fight any man who tries to steal her from the alter.

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