Cake Toppers: New Ideas for Filling That Empty Space

When you look at this wedding cake topper couple, what does it make you think of??


You may be flashing back to pictures from your parents and grandparents weddings, when these were a hit. These days why not change it up a little. Make your wedding more fun, while still keeping some of the tradition alive with a cake topper like this.

This wedding was photographed by two close friends and very gifted photographers, John Paul Douglass and Wes Sumner. The topper is actually made from wooden clothespins painted to resemble the outfits of the bride and groom, something that is more common today than the toppers of the past.


Here is another example of some toppers made by Lil' Cake Toppers that are reminiscent of various backgrounds and ethnicities. Notice the top left are the newly wed Duke and Duchess of Wales (not their actual cake topper).

If you are more interested in displaying an object rather than people on the top of your wedding cake, below is an example of an alternative decoration.


For a wedding that is beach themed, this chair idea is a perfect choice. For an additional fun flair, you can add some glitter including your initials on each chair to make it more personalized.

If there is a specific animal that you and your fiance' share a passion for, this is another neat way to separate your wedding cake topper from others. Above is an example of two owls that really make the cake.

Also a great way  to make an impression on your guests and jump from tradition, is for you to use cupcakes instead of a wedding cake and create personalized and unique family photo cutouts.

If you have time to explore your creative side, doing so with the wedding cake topper is a great way for your guests to really remember your wedding from the rest. For more cake topper ideas, visit Simply Delicious! and Martha Stewart weddings.

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