A Woman Can Never Have Enough Shoes

"Why is it that women are so obsessed with shoes?" This is a question that many men have pondered probably since the 1800's. Sure it might be a little bit stereotypical. But who cares. Shoes are great. Feet are the one area that stays slim even if the rest of you adds on a few pounds. That could be one reason why women love them so much. Another is that there are so many different styles of shoes. They can make a simple outfit look stunning, and they are just plain pretty. The best occasion for shoe shopping is when it comes to your wedding. Depending on the location, theme, or style of your wedding. There is a shoe out there for you. Here are some examples of the various routes you can take.



Flats are a great choice if you are having a simple wedding, or especially one on the beach. Sand is never easy to walk on, and when there is a crowd of guests looking your way, the last thing you want to do is trip or sprain an ankle by wearing a pair of heels. Also, this is a terrific alternative to walking barefoot, if you want to prevent the sand from getting stuck between your toes.



If your toes want a bit of breathing room, then sandals are a great decision for wedding shoes. They can be casual and elegant. They are also a great way to show off your dance moves.



For all you country girls out there, there's nothing better than a good leather boot. They will also protect you from any creatures if you are planning on having a wedding in a location such as a ranch or a big meadow.

Peep Toe


A popular shoe for brides is the peep toe heel. It shows off your brand new pedicure and also gives your toes some room to breathe. For summer weddings, that's definitely a plus.



The classic pump has gone a long way. More and more you see brides with brighter colors such as the above royal blue. Red and yellow are popular choices as well.

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