Wedding Gown Tips


While I was attending the Association of Bridal Consultants' annual conference last week, one of the sessions was called "All About The Dress."  Here are a few tips from Sally Lorensen Conant of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists I thought I would pass along:

  • Never hang your dress by the shoulders. Use the loops inside the dress that are stitched to the side seams to avoid stretching and sagging.
  • Never use a wire hanger for your wedding gown - consider a pretty hanger like the one shown below from Ten 23 Designs!
  • Most gown shops provide a breathable bag for your dress. If they don't, purchase one. You never want to store your dress in plastic.
  • Know what fabric your dress is made from, so you (or your wedding planner) will know how to handle spills on the wedding day.
  • Even with professional steaming, you might get a few wrinkles in your dress.  If you have a portable steamer, be sure to use a towel or sock to prevent water spatters from getting on your gown.

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