How To Tie a Bow Tie


Let's face it; most men do not know how to tie a bow tie. But on your wedding day, do you want to look like a high school senior in an adjustable-strap, pre-tied tie, or do  you want to look like James Bond and impress your friends with your bow-tying skills? With a little practice, you can feel sophisticated and dashing in your tuxedo. Here is an illustration we found on Google to help get you started:

David's Tuxedos posted these tips over on their Facebook page:

1. Change the length of the bow tie if needed. A longer length is needed if you want a larger bow. 2. At the beginning, one end of the bow tie should be longer than the other by a few inches. The longer end should be on your right side. 3. Cross the longer end over the other end. 4. Bring the longer end underneath the shorter end and then bring it out from the center. 5. Fold the shorter end horizontally. 6. Place the longer end over the shorter end. 7. Fold the longer end horizontally. 8. Insert the longer end through the loop at the back of the shorter end. Pull both ends gently to tighten the knot.

Need more help? Check out the Bow Tie Tutor app for iPhone, or the How To Tie A Bow Tie app for Android.

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