Pinterest and the DIY Wedding Movement


For a little over a year, Pinterest has been the hot new concept in social media. We wrote a blog post back in February about using this site as a tool for planning your wedding. Now that it has been a few months, we're starting to see some of the creativity found on Pinterest actually show up at real live weddings. Here are some things to think about as you use Pinterest or other tools to create your DIY wedding.

  • Things don't always go as planned.  Be sure you allow plenty of time to create your decorations, try out your hair style, or make your bridesmaids' gifts. And by "plenty of time," I mean a few months. Not the week of the wedding! Things don't always turn out the way you think they will on the first attempt - if you don't believe me, check out blogs like Pinstrosity, CraftFail or PinterestFail for proof.  (photo from CraftFail's blog post, "Enter The Pom Poms of Sadness")
  • Designate someone to setup your creations. You don't want to be hanging your moss-covered initials while you are wearing your wedding gown. Find a crafty friend that can get to your venue early to put everything in it's place - you'll want to give your friend a very detailed diagram of where things go, and the freedom to fix things if they don't work exactly as you've planned.
  • Realize that you may not save money. When you need to buy vases for your flowers, or all the paper to make your invitations, the costs can add up quickly. Not to mention that you may need to invest in other equipment to complete these projects. If saving money is your top priority for DIYing it, be sure to look at all the costs before starting a project.
  • Styled wedding shoots are not real weddings. Many blogs and magazines feature photos of tablescapes or other decor elements that were created just for a photo shoot. While they are beautiful, they may not be 100% practical for a real wedding. The photographer may have shot 100 images to get one or two that look "perfect." The Martha Stewart version of the tissue pom poms shown here may have been completely flat on the other side. The magazine layout won't care, but your guests will.

If you are a crafty or artistic person by nature, then by all means add some hand-crafted touches to your wedding. Otherwise, find a designer you can create the look you want.