What is a House Party?

I know. You're asking yourself, "Isn't that what we had in college? Or for the Super Bowl?"


Well, the term "house party" actually applies to weddings too! With Florida being in "the South" but not always truly "Southern," you may not have heard this term before. Your house party is usually made up of women that you want to honor, but may not be close enough to be bridesmaids. For example, a college roommate you aren't that close to anymore, the groom's sister, or your twelve cousins.

Here are some facts about house party girls:

  • They don't stand at the alter during the ceremony, but they have seats of honor in front.
  • They may have "jobs" during the wedding: reader, guest book attendant, handing out programs, etc.
  • They don't wear the same dresses as the bridesmaids; they choose their own dress, making it much more affordable! (Often they wear a Little Black Dress)
  • They take part in all the pre-wedding festivities, such as showers, bachelorette parties, and getting-ready photos.
  • The bride gives them a small gift, similar to the bridesmaids, to thank them for their help.
  • It's a beautiful gesture to give them a corsage or hair flower to designate them as someone special on the wedding day.

What a great way to honor these special women without having 20 ladies in your bridal party! There can also be men in the house party - usually they are ushers at the ceremony, and will have similar seats of honor. They may were tuxedos, but often wear suits with boutonnieres.

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