Creating a Classic Wedding


You may ask, what is a classic wedding, and do I want one? Most of our clients tend to have weddings that are more traditional/classic in style, with a few modern elements thrown in. If you are looking for trendy, we're probably not the planners for you.

I explain it this way. My parents were married in 1972. My mom's wedding dress was an empire- waisted, Juliette-inspired fashionable dress accented with little white daisies. The bridesmaids wore hideous floral print, floor length gowns. And while these styles were all the rage in the 70's, their photos look clearly dated.

When I got married in 2001, I think I did a better job selecting dresses. After trying on my mom's gown (which was way too short for me anyway, even if I had wanted to have a 70's themed wedding) I selected gowns for myself and the bridesmaids that I thought would stand the test of time. And for the most part, they have. The elbow-length gloves that we wore, however, were not a great choice. Nor was the super-poofy ultra-Southern hairdo I chose.

So what makes a "classic" wedding? In my mind, the most classic, iconic wedding that comes to mind is that of John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier. Yesterday would have been their 60th wedding anniversary, so let's revisit some images from Life Magazine's coverage of the big day.

kennedy wedding 3

A timeless ceremony - white aisle runner, simple pew markers, and gorgeous long veil

kennedy wedding

Jackie's dress was certainly stylish, but in a classic design. I could picture one of our bride's wearing this style at an upcoming wedding!

kennedy wedding 2 jpg

Other than the abundance of greenery on the table, this photo could have been taken today!

So what's the moral of the story? Think about showing your wedding photos to your children, or grandchildren. Will you be proud to show them how great everything looked? Or will it look like a mustard-yellow applianced kitchen?

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