Wacky Wedding Superstitions


It's that dreaded day - Friday the 13th. We were lucky {!} enough to get two Friday the 13ths this year - exactly 13 weeks apart. Weird? Absolutely. Scary? For a lot of people. For some insight, check out the article "Why Does Friday the 13th Scare Us So Much?" over on the National Geographic website. We thought it would be fitting to look at some wacky wedding superstitions on this inauspicious day:

  • The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress means good luck. Ew!
  • Ancient Greeks and Romans thought the veil protected the bride from evil spirits. Brides have worn veils ever since.
  • Saturday is the unluckiest wedding day, according to English folklore. But in modern culture, it's the most popular day of the week to marry!
  • In Denmark, brides and grooms traditionally cross-dressed to confuse evil spirits! 
  • According to folklore, a knife signifies a broken relationship and is bad luck to give as a wedding gift. If knives are on your registry, just give the gift giver a penny. That way it's a purchase, not a gift. 
  • Having a cat eat out of your left shoe one week before the wedding is good luck.
  • Peonies, one of the most desirable wedding flowers, actually represent shame!
  • Single women should take a piece of wedding cake home, and sleep with it under their pillow. Then they will dream of their future husband!

But here's one that we actually agree with: Don't use your married name or monogram before the wedding! Some think it's tempting fate to do so, and the wedding will not take place. If you're superstitious (or a stickler for proper etiquette), save the monogramming for your reception decor and registry items.

Would you get married on a Friday the 13th?

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