No More Wedding Cupcakes!


mini-piesWe very rarely see cupcakes at weddings. Our clients seem to love the drama of a large cake. But for 2014, cupcakes are definitely out - say hello to mini-pies!

 New twists on classic dishes are hot throughout wedding menus and mini-pies are on the top of the list. Old classics like rhubarb are making a comeback - pair it with strawberry for the perfect mix of sweet and tart. 

Other unique flavor combos include raspberry key lime, pumpkin pecan praline, or lemon blueberry. Or, ask your caterer to use Grandma's prize-winning apple pie recipe! What a great way to incorporate family tradition into your wedding.

Of course, this idea is great for showers or rehearsal dinners too! A variety of mini-pies can be arranged on a table, as shown in the photo on the right. Or, if you plan to serve one flavor of pie, have them served to your guests at their table as shown in the photo below.

What type of pie would you serve at your wedding?