Inside the Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Fishing Line's Many Uses


Sewing a bridesmaids dressWedding planners usually travel with an extensive emergency kit. Ours includes things like hair spray, bobby pins, white pipe cleaners, and lots of pairs of scissors. This past weekend, I got to use one particular item in a whole new way. Fishing line (yes, the clear stuff you attach to your fishing pole) comes in handy for lots of uses, mostly decor related. Maybe it's attaching a wreath to a door, or affixing the alter flowers to a staircase at the reception. But this weekend, I got to sew with it.

You heard me right, sew with it. The entire zipper on a bridesmaid's dress broke, because the seamstress (in Texas, not local!) made it a bit too snug three days before the wedding. No problem, right? We'll just get out the needle and thread and stitch it closed. Well, because the dress was so tight, the thread kept breaking. Keep in mind, it's now one hour until the ceremony starts! I stopped to think for a moment - "What else do I have the we could use?" And then it dawned on me. Fishing line!

I was a little nervous at first that it wouldn't fit through the eye of the needle. But sure enough, it did. And we were off to the races! I stitched several small sections, tying off each one in case it did break - so hopefully, one a small section would break and not the whole thing.

Four hours later, I spoke to the bridesmaid at the reception about her dress. "I feel very secure!" she replied. I'm glad I actually learned how to sew (a little bit!) when I was young. Just one more skill a wedding planner should have!