New Year's Resolutions For Your Wedding


Happy new year The beginning of a new year always brings talk of resolutions. But as you start thinking about your list, consider adding some wedding-related goals for 2015:

1. Stick to the budget. Seriously. The first step in planning a wedding is creating a budget. Don't start dreaming of the perfect dress or a spectacular venue until you do so! It will only lead to heartbreak. You'll also need a final guest list so that you'll know how many people to budget for - obviously a wedding for 100 people will cost much more than a wedding for 50. Don't risk starting your married life off with a huge debt from the wedding!

2. Get in shape, but not just for the wedding day. Yes, you may be tempted to lose a few pounds or tone up  your arms or tush before the wedding. And that's great. But consider making healthy lifestyle choices with your partner, and make them a part of your marriage not just your wedding. While you are planning your wedding, you'll be on the go and might be tempted to eat fast food or skip meals altogether. Plan ahead to make healthy choices!

3. Give back and buy local. Chances are, you'll be planning a great party to celebrate your wedding. Why not use local sources as much as possible? Ask your florist if they use local farms, ask caterers about local produce and vegetables. If you are using fresh flowers in your wedding, consider donating them to a local nursing home after the wedding! The residents will love the special thought.

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