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Spray Tanning and Your Wedding


1614615_10152292843647248_850840968_o Let's face it ladies: hardly anyone looks great in white. Unless, that is, they have a beautiful tan! Many of our brides are turning to spray tans to get a golden glow before their wedding - without the cancer risks or tan lines!

I asked two Jacksonville-area spray tan artists for some tips.

What should brides or bridesmaids look for in a tanning company?

Make sure it’s a legitimate business, spray tanning is an intimate service and you want to be with a professional. If they operate out of a salon or studio or they come to the privacy of your home its much better than you going to their home.  Also look at pictures of their work, before and afters are great. If they have reviews, check those out as well. - Erin Foster, Artistry By Erin LLC

A bride or any spray tan client should always ask the technician what type of solution do they use? Is it sugar based? Is it one color or do you add drops? A good solution should be sugar based. It draws the melanin forward and tans you what you are capable of tanning, not giving you a false color, hence ORANGE! By adding drops to the solution you tend to add too much DHA and tends to turn orange. - Kimber Newton Blair, Elite Look Tanning

How many days before the wedding should brides or bridesmaids get a spray tan?

Get your spray tan 2 days prior to wedding. The day before wedding you are busy with rehearsal and last minute details. If a mani-pedi is done after spray tan, let your nail technician know to not SCRUB. Elite Look Tanning solution last 7-10 days with proper lotion and tan extenders are used and after care instructions are followed. - Kimber Newton Blair, Elite Look Tanning

Should anything be done to prepare the skin for tanning?

Exfoliating well is key to getting a good spray tan. Shave at least 24 hours prior. Moisturize the night before but not day of.  If possible do not wear deodorant, perfume or lotion the day you get your tan or wash it off just before the tan, those things can create a barrier on the skin. - Erin Foster, Artistry By Erin LLC

ELT sells a Coconut Walnut Scrub to use prior to spray application. By using this scrub, it will not leave a residue like a sugar or salt scrub. You will want to shower, shave, and exfoliate right before your spray and DO NOT use lotion, oils, or deodorants after shower.  - Kimber Newton Blair, Elite Look Tanning

What should be worn during the application? 

For the tanning process they can choose what suits their comfort level. They can choose to be nude, topless with panties or with a bathing suit/bikini.  Here again this is why it is good to know and feel comfortable with your spray tan tech - it's an intimate service and you want to be in a comfortable environment. - Erin Foster, Artistry By Erin LLC

spray legs

Will the color rub off?

When the spray is applied there is an instant bronzer in the solution that acts as a guide color for the tanning tech.  Essentially it is makeup, and yes, with friction it can rub off.  That is what is washed off with the first shower after the product has set on the skin for 8-12 hours (some you can even sleep in and cleanse off the next day). Once you've been sprayed, allow a few minutes of dry time before dressing. Wear loose dark clothing and you can still go about your day, it will only rub off if you actually try to rub at it. Once you’ve done the first shower and washed off the guide color, the tan itself wont rub off on anything. - Erin Foster, Artistry By Erin LLC

After spray, wear dark loose clothing like a sundress or large t-shirt and shorts. Nothing tight to the body so be prepared to not wear your undergarments home. You are dry when you leave so tan will not rub off but some will dome off on the inside of your clothing or sheets when sleeping. EVERYTHING washes out!  - Kimber Newton Blair, Elite Look Tanning

Do you have any tips for extending the life of the tan?

Most tans will last 7-14 days depending on their skin type and after care. To extend the life, cleanse using a light weight gel cleanser, nothing to thick or opaque, use also a light daily moisturizer. No oils, nothing to thick. The DHA in the solution has tinted the top layer of skin cells most people regenerate new cells every 7 days, the more moisturized the skin is the longer the skin will remain tan. Avoid using alpha hydroxyl acids, salisylic acid or any chemical or abrasive exfoliatants. After care is so important to maintain your tan. - Erin Foster, Artistry By Erin LLC

To extend the life of your spray tan always wait the 8 hours to shower then moisturize daily. Use Elite look Tan Extender and moisturizer all over body.  If honeymooning in warm place make sure to wear a sunscreen for you do not have a real tan!! You can receive UV same as with out a spray. We have only tanned the top layer of your skin and you shed dead skin cells every second of the day. Soft, moisturized skin is the key!   - Kimber Newton Blair, Elite Look Tanning


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