Royal Wedding Tips: Flowers

While we still don't know exactly what the flowers for the royal wedding will look like, it's been reported that Kate has been very deliberate in her choices.  According to Shane Connolly, floral artistic director for the wedding, "One of the things that has been very important to Catherine is the meanings of flowers and the language of flowers."  Some of the flowers planned for Westminster Abbey include azaleas, the Chinese symbol of femininity, and lilacs, which represent first love. During the Victorian Era, flowers were sent as coded messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken.  What are some other flowers the "speak" of weddings?

  • Calla Lilies:  "Magnificent Beauty"
  • Chrysanthemum: "Wealth, abundance, truth"
  • Gardenia: "Purity, joy"
  • Hydrangea: "Understanding"
  • Orchid: "Love, beauty"
  • Stephanotis: "Marital happiness"
  • Sunflower: "Pure thoughts"

But stay away from yellow roses, which symbolize a decrease in love, and petunias, which signify anger!