Straight To The Heart

Wedding rings hold much symbolism. Not only do wedding rings represent commitment, honor and love, but also the never ending circle is a symbol of peace and perfection. The hand that the wedding ring is placed on also has a significant meaning.

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Dating back to ancient times, the third finger on the left hand was believed to be connected to a special vein, the vein of “love” that went directly to the heart. There is no scientific evidence thus far proving this theory, but this novel idea has lasted through centuries.

King Edward VI of England made a Law during his reign, that the third finger on the left hand would be the designated wedding ring finger. In 1549 this law was sealed when it became printed in the Book of Common Prayer. Even after King Edwards law many European brides still wear their wedding rings on their right hands. Tradition and customs all over the world will differ on which will be the proper placement of the wedding ring.

In the end it is not law or theories but personal beliefs that make the placement of the wedding ring significant and meaningful.

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