Tuesday Tips: The Bachelorette Party

When you hear the term "bachelorette party," it conjures images of drinking and craziness and strippers.  And that's exactly what some people want for their "last" night out with the girls.  But one of the most frequent questions I get is regarding other options for a girls' get-together.  Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Road Trip! It doesn't have to be a trip to Vegas, a la The Hangover, but why not take a little weekend getaway with your pals?  Relax at a spa or on a beach; be adventurous and go mountain climbing or whitewater rafting; or spend a weekend shopping in another city!
  • Make Something! Consider a night at a pottery-painting studio, where all the girls can paint something special for the bride.  Many shops allow you to bring in food and drinks, but ask ahead of time.  Are you scrapbookers?  Spend a night (or weekend) creating pages to fill with wedding photos.
  • Have an Old-Fashioned Sleepover! Re-live your junior high school days with your best gals.  Rent movies, eat fattening food, talk about boys - so much fun!

A "bachelorette party" can really be anything that the bride and her friends enjoy doing together!

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