Workplace Wedding Etiquette

Soon to be brides should be take heed. Tred lightly when it comes to discussing your wedding in the workplace. Although it is easy to be consumed by the planning and details, it is important to be thoughtful when it comes to discussing every shade of pink, and type of rose with the people in your office. You don’t want to be “that” girl.  Save it for meetings with your wedding planner. For further insight on how brides should navigate the workplace we asked etiquette expert Toni Downs of Etiquette For Success for advice on how to gracefully manage these types of situations:

Q: Should you invite coworkers to your wedding?

Toni D: I believe it depends on how close you are to your co-workers. If you are close to several, go out socially, and if the budget allows it, ask them.

Q: What if there are some coworkers I want to invite, but not others?

Toni D: You may tell your other co-workers there is a limit to how many people you can invite to your wedding.

Q: What if all your coworkers chipped in for a wedding present?

Toni D: If everyone at the office chips in to buy you a wedding present, then everyone should receive a personal thank you note. This is a thoughtful way to share you care about your coworkers.

Q: What if a coworker is angry with me for not inviting them to the wedding?

Toni D.: There will always be hurt feelings with someone, but it is your and your man’s day. Don’t let other people ruin it.

Thank you Toni for sharing your great advice with us!