What Is The Wedding Party?

As you may know, our office is located inside The Wedding Party.  I thought I'd take a minute to tell everyone what that means, exactly! We are:

  • A group of wedding professionals that share office space.
  • All independent companies - we are under no obligation to refer/recommend the other businesses that are part of The Wedding Party, although we think they are pretty swell.
  • Usually all in the office on a given day, so a bride can drop in anytime to ask a question or get information.
  • A lot of fun to be around; stop in and see for yourself!

We are  not:

  • A "package" deal... while our Client Concierge can certainly arrange for a bride to meet with all of us in one day, we don't offer a single contract for all wedding services.
  • Exclusive in any way - I would love for my fellow wedding planner/coordinator friends to refer their brides to The  Wedding Party's professionals, and invite them to stop by anytime to say hi!
  • Scary. Trust me.

You can check out The Wedding Party's website for a photo tour of our office, and for a list of all the companies represented.

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