Escort Cards vs Place Cards: What's the difference?

Escort cards

Often mistakenly interchanged, escort cards and place cards actually serve two distinctive purposes.  Simply, escort cards let guests know where they are sitting. In effect they escort guests to their seats.  These cards are often seen creatively displayed on a separate table just outside the dining area.

Alternatively, place cards sit on each table and indicate the specific seat where a guest will sit. In addition they are often used to indicate to the catering staff which meal you guests have chosen, if they have been given a choice between two or three items.

And what if you have open seating? Well then cards aren't necessary at all! For the couples who to choose to use escort and pace cards, use it as an opportunity to enhance your decor! For example escort cards can be hanging from a tree or enclosed in an envelope. Place cards can be placed inside a frame or attached to a single flower. Don't be afraid to get creative!

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