Royal Wedding Tips: The After Party

Prince William and his bride Kate will certainly have a busy wedding day!  Immediately following their wedding ceremony, Queen Elizabeth will be hosting a reception for the newlyweds.  Then in the evening, 300 of the couples' closest family and friends will dance the night away at Buckingham Palace.  But what about the after party?

Prince Harry has that covered.  He is said to be hosting a breakfast at 6:00 am for those still on the dance floor.

The concept of an after party has grown in popularity over the past few years.  Some couples choose a nearby bar for a more intimate celebration with their friends after the reception ends.  Others create a whole second reception!

We've seen couples transform a smaller ballroom at the same venue into a trendy dance club, complete with lounge furniture and mood lighting.  Often, another round of food is served - the "late night snack" that includes everything from mini-pizzas to sliders to McDonald's French fries.  The photo above is from our friends at Room Service, a great source for lounge furniture rentals.

How will you be continuing your wedding celebration?