Royal-Inspired DIY Candle Centerpieces

I recently attended a conference session called "25 Centerpieces Under $25." While most of our clients spend a great deal more than that on their centerpieces, I got some great ideas for enhancing floral arrangements, adding a special touch to a bar or guest book table, or perking up the ladies' room.

One idea presented was adding ribbon to the top of vases or candle holders.  While this isn't a new idea, the speakers put a little twist on it by using a pretty lace ribbon.  Lace has been extremely hot since William and Kate's wedding, and what an easy way to add a royal-inspired touch to your wedding!

I found this photo on a blog post over at Wedding Paper Divas.  What a pretty glow!  Even if you are using floral centerpieces, this would be a beautiful additional to the table surrounding your arrangement.

Have you found any cute DIY ideas you will be incorporating into your wedding?