Wedding Guest Etiquette, As Seen on WJXT's The Morning Show

I had the pleasure of speaking with Nikki Kimbleton on WJXT's The Morning Show again today - this time, the topic was Wedding Guest Etiquette.  Here are some of the tips we discussed:


Can you wear white to a wedding?

There is no hard and fast rule that says "no," but it is generally frowned upon. However, the bride will never notice what her guests are wearing!

Where do you sit if you are friends with both the bride and groom?

You can sit on either side. We ask our ushers to keep the seating balanced, so sit on whichever side has the fewer guests.

Should you bring a gift to the wedding? Gifts are never required. However, if you choose to give one, it's best to send it ahead of time to the bride or groom, or up to one year after the wedding!

Do you have to stick with the registry? I'm saying, YES! This is one of the biggest pet peeves we hear from brides and grooms. They spend many hours setting up their registry and choosing items for their homes - stick with their wish list.

Is cash better? What is an appropriate amount? Emily Post says, "Let your affection for the bride and groom be your guide." In general, think about the amount you would spend on a gift, and give the same as a cash gift.

What if you are invited but your significant other is not? You should never, under any circumstances, bring an additional (uninvited) guest to a wedding. However, you may want to gently ask the bride or groom to be sure there was not an error.

What is the #1 mistake guests make? Arriving late!  Plan to be in your seat for the ceremony 15 minutes before the time listed on the invitation. If you do arrive late, wait outside the church until the processional has finished, and then slip in a side door or the balcony.

Check out the interview here!