Most Popular Months for North Florida Weddings


Historically, June has always been "the" month to get married. Why?

  • June derives its name from Juno, the Roman god of marriage. Marrying in June was thought to bring prosperity and happiness.

  • It can be easier for families with school-age children to travel to a wedding during the summer break.

  • In most parts of the country, June has the best weather.

But let's face it - here in Florida, it can be HOT in June! And through the summer, for that matter. So which months are most popular in Florida?

  • March, April, and May: Known as a the Spring wedding season, couples love the mild weather and bright blooming flowers. Springtime can be a bit rainy though, so have a great Plan B.

  • October and November: Known as the Fall wedding season, evenings can be cooler and rich fall color palettes can be used. But remember, it's football season, so you may need to work around your team's bye week!

Things to consider when choosing a date:

  • Some venues and wedding professionals may offer an off-season rate, so if you are getting married in the winter or summer you may save some cash.

  • Check your local chamber of commerce or visitor's bureau to see if any special events are taking place the same weekend you are planning your wedding. These events may affect hotel availability and rates, traffic, and venue availability.

  • Hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30. If you plan to wed during these months, consider purchasing wedding insurance for protection!

There are many factors to consider in selecting a wedding date, but we hope this information has helped you narrow down some options!

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