Chronicals Of a Bride

Chronicals of a Bride


I've spent five wonderful years within the events industry going to fittings and tastings.... picking out colors and linens.... and making sure that everyone gets down the aisle sans a crisis.  I've hand-crafted bouquets and hand-sewn faulty zippers.  I have helped dozens of brides find a voice and determine how to translate it into the wedding of their dreams... And now- it is my turn.  That's right... I am getting married Spring 2009. So what is it like to be a coordinator and a bride?  Well, the truth is that it really is not unlike any other girl that gets married.  I am still have a real budget that I must work within.  I still have cultural and traditional elements that I must respect- and others that I must respectfully decline.  I have a guest list that needs a bit of trimming and a wee little issue with control that I must learn to overcome.  Thus, for the next few months, I invite you to join me on my journey to the alter.  I'll take you along throughout the process in hopes that it will make your own planning a little easier- knowing that we are in this together...

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