20/20 Vision For A Successful Marriage

Rev. Craig Grandstaff of Clergy Wedding Services was nice enough to share these thoughts on having a happy marriage, not just a happy wedding!

  • Express your love in all ways.

  • Hold hands no matter how old you are.

  • Remember your wife is a lady.

  • Do everything you can together.

  • You can lose the battle and win.

  • Complete trust is a must.

  • Share your best ideas.

  • Always agree on the big decisions.

  • Practice real forgiveness.

  • Remember one day at a time.

  • Always talk things out.

  • Never go to bed angry.

  • Clearly define roles.

  • Leave the small stuff behind.

  • Spend time in the moonlight.

Rev. Grandstaff is available to perform wedding ceremonies, including interfaith and non-denominational services.  Visit his website at for more details about his services.

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