Pantone's Color Of The Year 2011

It's official - Pantone has released their 2011 Color of the Year:

Is anyone thinking of changing their wedding (or business) colors to add in this new choice?  2010's color of the year, Turquoise, will always be OUR color of the year!!

Looking Ahead - Color Forecast Winter 2011/2012!


One of the fun parts of my job is seeing what is ahead in colors, design and products.  Today I got to attend a webinar produced by Pantone, the people that determine what colors will be in fashions, home accents, and pretty much everywhere else. The webinar discussed eight unique color palettes, all of which are amazing.   Here's a peak at the Blue Sky palette:

With this palette, we'll see colors blending into each other, one-piece molded looks in womens fashions, and helix forms.  There will also be a mixture of textures or color shades to create contract.

It's so exciting to read about these forecasts and then months (or years!) from now see these colors in the stores.

Pantone + Dessy = Fun!


New York Fashion Week always makes me happy.  No, I don't have the joy of actually attending, although maybe someday! {Fingers crossed!} Fashion Week means it's time for the next Pantone Color Report to make its debut.  And OH, how I love some of these colors!

pantone 2010 spring colors

Although it's not too obvious since our website/blog re-design, our corporate color is turquoise.  And there it is, at the top of the list for 2010 Spring Colors - Pantone 15-5519.  My heart skipped a beat!

And who can help but love a color called Tomato Puree?!  And Pink Champagne - my fave!

But even beyond the greatness of the Spring Color Report is the fun of a whole new concept from Pantone and The Dessy Group. Pantone Wedding is a way to create inspiration boards to share and order color swatches to go with them! So much fun to play with.

Fall 2009 Color Trends


I was just looking over the 2009 Fall Color Report from Pantone, and realized that I hadn't posted about it.  Here's a peak if you haven't see the hot colors for fall:


Download the Pantone Fall 2009 Color Report (PDF)

I so many of these color combinations.  The possibilities are endless!  What are your favorites?  Are you using any of them in your fall wedding?