Pantone + Dessy = Fun!


New York Fashion Week always makes me happy.  No, I don't have the joy of actually attending, although maybe someday! {Fingers crossed!} Fashion Week means it's time for the next Pantone Color Report to make its debut.  And OH, how I love some of these colors!

pantone 2010 spring colors

Although it's not too obvious since our website/blog re-design, our corporate color is turquoise.  And there it is, at the top of the list for 2010 Spring Colors - Pantone 15-5519.  My heart skipped a beat!

And who can help but love a color called Tomato Puree?!  And Pink Champagne - my fave!

But even beyond the greatness of the Spring Color Report is the fun of a whole new concept from Pantone and The Dessy Group. Pantone Wedding is a way to create inspiration boards to share and order color swatches to go with them! So much fun to play with.