Green Bride Guide Approved!


I was just notified that First Coast Weddings has been approved as a vendor on The Green Bride Guide!

Being green isn't hard; here are a few ways that we try to stay eco-friendly:

  • Our office is as paperless as possible.  We use Google Apps to keep all of our client files, vendor files, and business documents online and easily shared with our whole team.
  • We recycle whenever we can, including the stacks of out-dated wedding magazines.  If there's something we love, we cut out that page rather than storing the whole issue.
  • Our team carpools to events when possible.
  • Our clients often choose to discard items they buy for their weddings - candles, vases, baskets, mirrors, and more.  Rather than toss them into the trash, we toss them into our storage unit, and let future clients use them for their events.
  • We are also happy to take floral arrangements from the wedding to local nursing homes - the residents love to see all the flowers, and many florists will make them in disposable containers if you request this ahead of time.

What are your favorite ways to go green?  Is there anything you are planning for your wedding that is eco-friendly?

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