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Lauren & Kevin (05.07.11) - St. Augustine Wedding

I was so excited when I got Lauren's email.  It read: "I interned for Heather in 2007 and she was the first person I thought of when I got engaged!" It was such a joy to spend time with Lauren again, and to get to know her parents.  And to hear all about Kevin.  Since he is in the Air Force, I didn't actually get to meet him until the rehearsal, but I know he  is an incredible man that is perfect for Lauren.

Their wedding day was just amazing, as you'll see in the incredible photos from Brandy  Burridge.  The rest of their amazing team included:

This was so sweet.  Although they didn't see each other, Lauren and Kevin prayed together before their ceremony from opposite sides of the door.

This is one of the  most amazing reactions I've ever seen caught on camera!

The cake was cut with a sword that Lauren's parents and grandparents used at their weddings!

Love the LED lighting  provided by D'Land Entertainment! These are wireless, can be changed to any color (or even changed during the event), and don't get hot.

Ready to see more?  Check out Brandy's blog post for lots more photos from this wedding!

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