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Blogger Bride: Meet Ashleigh


ashleigh and charles Three-and-half years ago while celebrating my birthday, I was introduced to what I knew instantly was someone special. A friend of a friend of a friend brought my husband-to-be along for the celebration.  Charles and I instantly had a connection and were even holding hands by the end of the night. We had our first date at Bahama Breeze a few days later, and as we were getting to know each other I thought to myself, “this guy is definitely marriage material!” By the end of the summer we were officially “an item.”

The recent proposal took place in Savannah, Georgia.  Charles first told me we were going on a camping trip on those dates, but then plans had to change when he saw that it was going to rain that weekend… sneaky, sneaky.  He took me to a beautiful bed & breakfast that exuded old Savannah charm. After we got settled in, we took a bike taxi to find a place to eat for dinner. Charles mumbled the location to the taxi driver, and we arrived at a stunning square in front of The Old Pink House. Charles sat me down on a bench and recited a poem he’d written for me. I was crying so hard at the time I didn’t even hear it. Of course I said yes. The rest of the weekend, I was on cloud nine!

Over the years we’ve grown a lot as a couple. We’ve had our good times, our share of bad, gone through deaths, adopted a lab-mix together, and at the end of the day I can honestly say my fiancé has proven to be not only great marriage material but truly my best friend!

Watch for my posts about our wedding plans!

Blogger Bride: Meet Kari


disney-engagement The story goes that Disney is the most magical place on Earth, well I guess that story is true…

In October of 2012 I was enjoying food and wine around the world at Epcot with a friend of mine while adorning a cheesy Disney “Happy Birthday” pin. Throughout the day I heard plenty of well wishes from strangers, but only one of them will stay with me forever. A random guy in one of the pubs said “Happy Birthday, let me buy you a drink!” Clearly this single girl was not going to say no to a free beer on her birthday! I spent the rest of my day at Epcot saying “yes” to free drinks from this random guy.

I then spent the next six months flying back and forth from Florida to New Jersey saying “yes” I will pay for the next plane ticket. The following months turned into “yes” I think you should move to Florida and “yes” I think we should get a dog. Perhaps the most important “yes” came a year later… In November of 2013, that random guy asked me to marry him at Epcot and of course I said “yes!”

One would think that being a wedding planner makes planning your own wedding easier – urban myth. I started planning my wedding the day after the engagement. The search included all 50 states. We then narrowed it down to the East Coast… then to a few states… then a couple cities. (You get the idea!) Planning a wedding that is only a few states away sounds easy -- urban myth. Finding the time to travel to different cities in search of the perfect venue is expensive and time consuming. We did not consider this when we started our search!

Over the next couple months I will be blogging about my adventures with the wedding planning process. Stay tuned for the juicy details!