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This post was written by guest blogger Cicely Rocha-Miller - Enjoy! Event Planner, Cicely Rocha.Miller and Sarah Hubbell of Life Design Event Planning recently launched a new website and resource called Mrster :: A Resource for Planning the Modern Union.


Mrster (pronounced: mist + er) is an online magazine and ultimate planning tool for same sex and hetero couples who are planning for their wedding days. Our goal is to provide a modern day resource chock full of smart ideas, allied vendors, real life experiences and true stories for couples of all backgrounds.


With all of the wedding blogs floating around the blogosphere, you're probably wondering what sets Mrster apart. Allow me to give you a little background on Mrster in the making...


Erica, one of our advisory board members, recently described her frustration when looking for a cake topper that resembled her and her bride-to-be, Shannon. Scrolling through images of topper after topper of three inch figurines clad in tux and gown, Erika eventually gave up on trying to find a pair that reflected her own relationship. Perhaps her dilemma felt trivial at the time - a small battle in a larger war ... but even the small battles are worth fighting. It is with couples like Erika and Shannon in mind, that Mrster was created. Add in loads of passion and personality, and we're sure you'll be adding Mrster onto your daily reading.

Another fantastic resource that is tangled in the depths of Mrster is it's FabUlist. This is a list of vendors that believes in legalizing gay marriage, pursues in the unity of all couples so there is no separation, acknowledges that we are all equal and does not judge nor discriminate against anyone else that believes the same. They offer services to gay and hetero couples without any questioning or second guessing. They are excited for your commitment to each other and are with you during the fight for equality. How can you pass that up!?

What are you waiting for? Head on over to, and don't forget to subscribe!

If you are wedding vendor that is interested in being a part of the FabUlist and advertising opportunities, please email for more information. Currently, we are catering to Arizona couples but are looking to go nationally in the next few months.

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